Sunday, 13. May 2012

New official Belphegor Logo TS/ Zipper/ Girlie Tanktop / Army Cap designs added to the merchandise shop.

Thursday, 05. April 2012
Supreme Death/ Black Metal commando BELPHEGOR is going to enter the “Mana Studios” in St. Petersburg/ Florida at May 29, 2012. The band has tapped Erik Rutan to produce their new, as of yet untitled album, which will be released in the end of the year via Nuclear Blast records.

Around 2006 I have contact Erik the first time, I guess. We talked about the producing of the “BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE” album, but he wasn’t available. This time, we have to do it!!  Our sound, attitude… or lets say trademark, is a symbiosis of all extremities that came out of this glorious genre,...Diabolical Black/ Death Metal.
Since February 2012 we rehearse and write hard on nine shredding sound collages. To record chapter X with Erik is perfect, since he exactly know what we need and how we get this shit done.
The thing is, the new compositions are full of intensity and pure aggression. The combination of European Metal coldness, atmosphere and sickest elements - crossed with an American brutal sound, is the master plan. This experiment is going to be ultra-sick!
I dig to work with motivated, possessed and enthusiastic artists, to keep the fire burning, in all related things [producers, musicians, etc.] No rules, all is permitted. This is the main reason why BELPHEGOR survived almost 20 years"
commented Helmuth.

Producer Erik Rutan adds: “I am very excited to be recording and mixing the new Belphegor album at Mana. After many discussions with Helmuth and hearing some clips of new material, I know that the band is very focused and determined on making a harmoniously evil extreme masterpiece. We shall make one beast of an album that the maniacs have come to expect from Belphegor!”
Friday, 23. March 2012
BELPHEGOR - starting rehearsal for upcoming album
Death/ black metal commando BELPHEGOR has just started the rehearsal sessions for the upcoming album in Abtenau/ Austria.

Helmuth states: “All good so far. We just finished the second rehearsing session. Currently we're working on nine sound-collages, added a lot new arrangements, elements and structures. Serpenth, Marthyn and me shredded our asses off in these eleven days.
There will be three more til we enter the studio by end of May 2012 and start to tracking drums. The titles on the setlist are working titles. Hell awaits!

The band has uploaded some impressions from the rehearsal session.
You can check it out here. Thanks to Bloodbrother Barth/, for eternal support.

BLEPHEGOR already started in November 2011 composing the new material. The new, as of yet untitled album for a tentatively slated late 2012 release will be the follow up to January 2011´s ┬╗BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE┬ź.
More information coming soon… stay tuned.
Thursday, 15. March 2012

BELPHEGOR do not back down from anything and enjoy celebrating death/ black metal art, which can’t be more brachial, provocatively and offensively.
With their current, glorifying album entitled "BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE", this evil circle created a very special sort of demonism and reached to increase their ascendancy within the international extreme-metal-community significantly.
Fire, bones and sulphur…you have to see these guys live on stage! Be prepared for a diabolic scenario at Extremefest, which will be shocking that you won’t ever forget!

Helmuth comments: "Ave! After a long touring break since the end of September 2011, BELPHEGOR return to the stage in July 2012 to devastate the Extremefest open airs in Austria, Switzerland and Germania. We're looking forward to shred these events. An honor, this horror..."

Thursday, 08. March 2012

Death/ Black Metal commando BELPHEGOR has uploaded new live footage from the song “ANGELI MORTIS DE PROFUNDIS”. Taken from the last BELPHEGOR album “BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE”.
Performed and filmed in Liverpool/ England during the show in “The Masque” on June 27, 2011. Thanks to Sal X.
Check it out:

"BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE" was produced by Peter Tägtgren at his Abyss Studios in Pärlby, Sweden. Mastered by Jonas Kjellgren. The album was released on January 14th, 2011 in Europe and on February 8th, 2011 in North America.

Monday, 27. February 2012
Guitarist/ vocalist Helmuth Lehner of extreme metal commando BELPHEGOR has revealed that the group is working on material. The new, as of yet untitled album for a tentatively slated late 2012 release will be the follow up to January 2011´s "BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE".
From this coming Saturday until next Wednesday, BELPHEGOR will start the first rehearsal session for album X, in Abtenau, Austria. The drum duties will again be handled by Marthyn, who did an outstanding job on
Helmuth comments: "Amazing to have the opportunity to be creative again and compose a new album. I begun the compositions in November 2011, after I had to spend five weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks in rehabilitation center, because of my health issues.
I survived this hard trial, which still seems unreal. I'm not fully recovered, but feel way better now, I can say. Unfortunately we had to cancel all tours until June 2012, when we will get back on the road, and will start with some European open air rituals.

"At this time, we don't feel the pressure of a hard touring schedule and all the rigors surrounding that, so we can concentrate and create these arrangements in a completely focused way and can even put more energy, blood and guts inside. We are working intensely on ten tracks. We are totally concentrated, you know ,the musick reigns above all. Magick. Its time for a new chapter" said bass devastator Serpenth.

Regards to Angelique van Huijzen, Headbanger Heritage Photo.
Keep an eye on this site, more activities will be posted on a regular basis.
Tuesday, 17. January 2012

Black/ Death Metal icons BELPHEGOR have just released a new live video today. The quality multi-camera video footage of the special "Supreme Fleisch" show from the track "BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE" can be seen below.
Recorded, filmed by Roax Media, August 12, 2011. Hail to Mieze and Jarne.

Vocalist/ shredder Helmuth stated: “This concert was one of our best ever, brutal performance - amazing Party San atmosphere, sick and loud as fukk crowd. An honor - this horror..."

Check it out here: BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE [live]

Friday, 23. December 2011
Limited to 1350 cps. via Funeral Industries. Release date: 24.12.2011.

"To fulfill the Luciferian pact on the holy night of the 24th December 2011 and to degrade the morality of mankind, the arch devil called BELPHEGOR made the momentous decision - to release the BLUTSABBATH album on vinyl - which was spat out in the year 1997 first time - on 4 different death-blessed 12" vinyls" Funeral Industries.

Watch the trailer: BLUTSABBATH
Friday, 21. October 2011
We have to inform all friends and supporters of Death/ Black Metal titans BELPHEGOR that all activities are stopped since the end of September.

Frontman/ founding member, Helmuth Lehner went through a serious and difficult operation 16 days ago, after the South American tour. As result of this, BELPHEGOR has to cancel all shows until May 2012.

Thanks for all your support and understanding.
We will keep you up to date on his condition in the following weeks.

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